Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spotted Lambs available!

This is Topple, the sire of all of the ewe lambs below. At only 3 years old, he is simply magnificent. His temperament is very very good for a ram and I've never had any dominance problems with him, he always yields to my presence. Good boy, Topple!

This is Fairy Slipper's Ewe Lamb - mom is on the right! Look at those rear 'spats' - Mary Ellen of Minwawe said those are dominant marks and every one of Slipper's lambs have had them too. $450 - I love her spotted ears. :-)

Flutter's very striking ewe lamb - partial white collar and that very interesting snip of white on the left side of her nose - a very nice calm ewe lamb too! $450

Sleeping Beauty's Ewe Lamb - another beautiful girl! $450

And here is Caribbean's Ewe Lamb - isn't she feminine!! $450

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k said...

I'm hoping your going to update for the 2011 summer. I look forward to seeing what you have available for sale :)