Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 breeding lineup

This year most of the girls are bred to Topple the Magnificent. 4 of last year's ewe lambs are in their breeding pen with our Gulmolget Peyton. Just in case Peyton wasn't able to do the job, he's been pulled and Captain's ram lamb from last year is being put in with them to be sure they are bred. We are expecting some wonderful spotted lambs again this year. If you would like to reserve any lambs this year for your flock, please email us at silvera at mtaonline dot net . It seems that the spammers are collecting email addresses too easily these days so we're spelling it out instead of putting a link up - please forgive us!

Ewe lambs with just Krunets will be available for only $300 this year....the economy has been hard on folks so we want you to be able to acquire spotted genetics and these ewe lambs marked with Krunets will definately carry the spotted genetics. Ewe lambs that are spotted will be $350 to $450 each this year. When you purchase 2 or more of the Krunet lambs, you will get a $50 discount on each! We may have several solid colored ewes available after weaning this year - both are black, both excellent mothers with years of lambing ahead of them. Please send us an email if interested - especially if you are considering milking your sheep, as you may want to purchase them still in milk! I expect to see our first lambs showing up in late March - hopefully!