Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spotted Lambs available!

This is Topple, the sire of all of the ewe lambs below. At only 3 years old, he is simply magnificent. His temperament is very very good for a ram and I've never had any dominance problems with him, he always yields to my presence. Good boy, Topple!

This is Fairy Slipper's Ewe Lamb - mom is on the right! Look at those rear 'spats' - Mary Ellen of Minwawe said those are dominant marks and every one of Slipper's lambs have had them too. $450 - I love her spotted ears. :-)

Flutter's very striking ewe lamb - partial white collar and that very interesting snip of white on the left side of her nose - a very nice calm ewe lamb too! $450

Sleeping Beauty's Ewe Lamb - another beautiful girl! $450

And here is Caribbean's Ewe Lamb - isn't she feminine!! $450

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 new HST ewe lambs!

2 new lambs born Sunday! Minwawe Fairy Slipper and Minwawe Sleeping Beauty both gave birth on the same day about 4 hours apart. Both tried to out-do each other with gorgeous ewe lambs that have white socks and tails, big white "bibs", Krunet white caps, and big black eye spots known as Yuglet Gorgeous ewe lambs and very big and healthy, I'll get photos posted soon! Both are for sale too - a wonderful time to pick out your future registered spotted sheep!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fleeces for sale

If you're interested in our lovely sheep, then you might also want to come out and pick up some fleeces! Just email me as we sheared 35+ head today so there are lots to pick from - and you can feel the fleece quality of our ewes from the lower-48 too!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And more lambs available!

Minwawe Flutter has a beautiful ewe lamb! $450

Domonique has a black ram lamb who carries the spotting genes - $300

Minwawe Cheesecake had TWINS! The boy on the left is for sale, extremely well marked too! $450

Sire of the above group of lambs is Minwawe Topple - 'outside' genetics!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, our first arrival for the year!

This beautiful ewe lamb will be available. Her dam is Minwawe Caribbean and her sire is Minwawe Topple. She is running like the wind already and only hours old. Mom is paying VERY close attention to her as always, such a good mom she is too! She will be for sale as we kept a very striking ram lamb out of Caribbean last year. $450.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 breeding lineup

This year most of the girls are bred to Topple the Magnificent. 4 of last year's ewe lambs are in their breeding pen with our Gulmolget Peyton. Just in case Peyton wasn't able to do the job, he's been pulled and Captain's ram lamb from last year is being put in with them to be sure they are bred. We are expecting some wonderful spotted lambs again this year. If you would like to reserve any lambs this year for your flock, please email us at silvera at mtaonline dot net . It seems that the spammers are collecting email addresses too easily these days so we're spelling it out instead of putting a link up - please forgive us!

Ewe lambs with just Krunets will be available for only $300 this year....the economy has been hard on folks so we want you to be able to acquire spotted genetics and these ewe lambs marked with Krunets will definately carry the spotted genetics. Ewe lambs that are spotted will be $350 to $450 each this year. When you purchase 2 or more of the Krunet lambs, you will get a $50 discount on each! We may have several solid colored ewes available after weaning this year - both are black, both excellent mothers with years of lambing ahead of them. Please send us an email if interested - especially if you are considering milking your sheep, as you may want to purchase them still in milk! I expect to see our first lambs showing up in late March - hopefully!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More girls sold!

Natalie's beautiful ewe lamb is retained....lovely markings too!
Sister's beautiful ewe lamb that should turn a gorgeous gray! A nice, large but feminine girl.
She has gone to a wonderful home - thank you!!